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    NEED HELP with the xp 97

    I like to rejet from stock carb and looked on the rossier site. i looked at the 785 set with the prox filters..
    is this good for the 97xp type 110hp?
    because the say its for " WITHOUT acceleratorpump"

    Or are there beter places to order the rejet

    also is the SOLAS SD CD 16/24(concord) a good prop for me instead of the XO..

    mucho gratsie from Amsterdam

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    Just disable or remove the accelerator pump.

    Previous owners like the 17/22 swirl in this ski. The 17/22 will give you more top end than the 16/24. but the 16/24 will give you more holeshot. Depends on what you are looking for. If you plan on piping it, the 17/22 puts too much load on a piped setup. The 16/24 would be the best choice with a pipe.
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    what's the best place to order the rejet.

    do i need to order a pop of meter? or should it work if i install it.


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