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    Florida invades So. Cal!

    Well, as I noted in another thread, a few guys from got a chance to meet Skip and Danielle. We had a great dinner with the guy. Skip is fast at EVERYTHING. The guy swooped up the bill before anyone could blink! After 3 hours of listening to the wealth of information that he posesses, I would have to say Skip is THE 250x GURU! Here are a few pics I snapped of the crew. Enjoy the pics, and if Skip is ever in your town, make it a point to hook up with the guy!
    Again, good luck with the projects Skip, keep us posted, and let us know how we can help! Need an offshore rider to test your Frankenski Project?

    Left to Right. ( Kim Bushong, John Belton (2007 Mark Hahn 300 winner), Mark Gerner (2008 Mark Hahn IRONMAN), Danielle, Skips (The Man!), Pat Roque (2006 LB2Cat Winner/World record holder)

    Left to Right (Danille, Skip Holmes, Robert Carreon, Pat Roque, Pat's Wife, Kim Bushong, John Belton.) Not in picture is Aaron Cress. Aaron is a TOP NOTCH 250x Mechanic out of Dana Point Jet ski.

    3 hours seemed like NOTHING. Skip had a ton of info, and is a valuable assest to the forum, and 250 owners. Team Moto and have joined forces this year for both CC and Offshore racing. We hope to coloborate information, and produce multiple wins for both teams. The next BIG race for the endurance guys on the West Coast is Long Beach to Catalina and back. July 20, 2008.


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    That was really alot of fun hanging out and just talking "shop" for a few hours. We all know how much Skip contributes to the Board here. But having met him in person I have a new appreciation for just how must knowledge he really has. I hope we can all get together again soon! jb

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    Finally we get to see a picture of skip without the helmet. Looks like u had good food.....its 2 am here and now im hungry!

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    Believe the hype - Skip IS a friggin Guru... Amazing.

    I am yet to meet a more knowledgeable person on the 250X than Skip.

    We are all grateful to have Skip on the forum and PWCOFFSHORE is genuinely honored to have Skip as an extension of the team.

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