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    Looking for a mechanic for 06 FXHO in Orlando area

    Cash paid!

    I took my ski to Central Florida Powersports (Kissimmee on OBT) to try and have a hesitation/bogg (it doesn't happen all the time) diagnosed. I had my oil changed there last year and had a problem from day one when I got it back. My bad for not going straight back in there but I was going to the Keys for 2 weeks and was lazy. They are absolute tools/fools in that place, from the service advisor (Lucas) all the way up to his head up his a$$ boss (Mike). They are complete liars and thieves. Sad to say I have bought 3 quads from them also. (never again)
    I was told I needed to have a 50 hour service to the tune of over $500 after I signed to pay the $90 service/diagnosis. I asked what the 50 hour intailed and was told me they check this and check that and replace the pump grease and change oil and filter and plugs. I was told that my problem was probably a bad plug. I was also told that they would change the plug's for another $90 ($180 plus tax total) but wouldn't guarantee that it will fix the prob and if it didn't, I was back to square one. I'm not the most mechanically inclined person, but I have a bit of a clue when I'm being shafted. I have the service manual that Yamaha sells to dealerships and checked under "maintenance intervals" and to my surprise there isn't anything checked for 50 hours. (see the 3rd prf file below) I just had my oil changed at 28 hours and only have 50.3 on the ski. I went and picked up the ski (nice they didn't charge me for the diagnose because I bitched and moaned enough about them trying to rip me off) and showed Lucas the maintenance interval sheet for my ski I had printed out and he looked at it and said "there's no year on it" and turned and walked away. I laughed and left. I wouldn't have bought the service manual for a ski I didn't have. Duh!

    I could go on and on but I'm tired of typing and just getting more and more pissed.

    Right now I am looking for a qualified mechanic in Orlando/Kissimmee area that would like to fix this for a fair price. I see the coils need to be taken off to get to the plugs and I really don't have the tools, nor do I wanna f with it. I'm not looking to steal anyones time, just looking to get it fixed at a fair price. I am driving the ski to the Bahama's next month ( May 13th)and want it running right. I have the 300+ pages of the service manual if needed also.

    I am in the process of writing a letter to Mark Speaks (President of Yamaha Watercraft) and also to the local BBB. If I can find out who the man/women in charge of Central Florida Powersports is, he will be getting a letter also.

    BTW, My name is Mike Tuttle if Powersports happens to read this. I am including a few pics of the diag bill and also the maintenance interval.

    Please pm me or email me at [email protected] (take out the space after the @) asap. Thanks
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    i went to MMI in florida and actually lived on International Drive right behind Sea-world lol. I moved but i can tell u what u need to do. First pull the breather cover off, 4-clips that slide out, next pull out the filter and make sure its clean, next take out the 10mm bolts holding on the coils, then use a long extension and a 4-stroke spark plug socket, i cant remember off hand what the size is. Ceck and replace if u still have issues PM and ill walk u through it. My dealer would never do that shit to u, sorry u were conned.

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    I've heard of more than one case where someone overfilled the oil, then on the yammi's, it's spits oil out the intake clogging the air filter Take the airfilter out and try it

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    FIXED!!! to the tune of under $18. Changed the plugs and noticed the 3rd cylinder plug had what looked like rust. Changed all four plugs and she runs well again.

    Central Florida Powersports Suck Monkey Testie's

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    I want to start doing my own maint. too. I will do the oil this weekend! Gotta start somewhere.

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    How to change your oil.
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