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    newbie here

    Hey guys, new the pwc world. I'm looking to buy one, maybe two (one for the lady). The problem is I know nothing about them, came here for some input. So far i'm pretty interested in the honda r-12x, but only really basing that on the brand name. So whats the best options out there looking to spend 8,000 or 9,000 each.

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    search birel33 on here and buy his very low hours r12x and f12(slower 3 seater for the wife) and NICE double trailer for $10K; in Ohio close to you. He is a very reputable guy who takes care of his stuff.
    welcome to the boards.
    you can also goto honda forum.
    it's just light easy stuff over there...this moderator is the most knowledgeable tech oriented guy in all of honda pwc world.

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    welcome To Greenhulk=d>

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