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    High temp problem with stage II from Riva

    Can anybody help me.
    After riding for a while the bike stars giving the high temp I spoke to PPG but they told me it was the hose in the waterbox or the intercooler full of sand.What do you guys think.

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    Gil: check this thread out


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    Do you have excess water in your hull? If you do you could be leaking water on the hose going to & coming from the intercooler.
    Is your coolant level full?

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    i.c. pluged up, flush out with a hose hooked up in reverse

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    [quote="4rsnow"]i.c. pluged up, flush out with a hose hooked up in reverse[/quot

    That worked for me too, also it is a lot easier than pulling the intercooler!

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    Thanks a lot you guys.
    I think my coolant is a little low.

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