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Thread: Tabs Again

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    Lightbulb Tabs Again


    Yet another trim tab question...

    Well more of an.... will it work..??

    From reading about speed packages and such..

    It seems the way to go is chop the extension part off the back of aftermarket tabs..

    Now would it be favourable to either angle the extended part up slightly..

    Or perhaps grind a step into the extended section of the tab.. say 5mm or so.?

    Maybe a combination of the two..??

    My thinking is that you keep the flat water speed advantage..
    But in the chop when the ski starts to unhook the extended tab comes back into play..

    Thoughts on this gents..


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    The reason the aftermarket ones were cut was to give the water a nice sharp edge to release from and shorten the length of the boat. The aftermarket ones are also angled slightly different than the stock ones. The older Riva and R&D ones did have a step in the extended part.

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