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    I messed up wrong oil i guess?

    I could use some help. I put golden spectro SX synthetic in my rxp. The oil is MA rated. I put it in the water for the first time and it ran like crap. I guess my supercharger is slipping. It has stock washers and a Riva wheel. I just put the Riva intercooler and pro series bov and rear exhaust in and was way dissapointed.
    So why did this fail on the first ride, like instant.
    The ski ran awsome before I did the recent upgrades.

    I took it all apart and the supercharger looks fine, the washers are intact. What the heck did I do wrong. I read here that any synthetic with an MA rating has no friction modifiers and would be fine.
    Any help would be appreciate.

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    welcome to the forum

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    maybe something else is wrong. boost leak, kinked IC water line, etc. the oil won't cause it to do what you discribed instantly but will cause the clutches to fail over a period of time.

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    Sounds like a boost leak. Whatever you do DONT put the stock Ceramic washers back on the Supercharger.

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    The oil is not your problem. Describe what running like crap is?
    Why are you running ceramic washers?

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    Why do you have all those mods and stock washers? You missed something or you have a boost leak (probably the crappy BOV). You can run synthetic but it has to be for wet clutch applications. I forget the letters right now.

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    From my expearence with my 2004 80mph plus RXP--get rid of the BOV, use Sea-Doo oil, and put steel washers in the SC.

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    get the synthetic out with a sc....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleeplessnMS View Post
    get the synthetic out with a sc....
    I run synthetic in my RXT. What year is your ski? If it's 2007 or older replace the washers ASAP, you are already halfway there since you have removed the SC, now just send it to Jerry so he replace the washers. After you get metal washers installed then you can run synthetic oil, I use Amsoil.

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    running like crap

    It seems to be making no boost. It sounds rough in the water, but revs up fine and only goes about 50, but it does not pull. It only revs up to like 6500k. I checked and tripple checked the connections of water and air before I tore it down and all is good. Before I removed the supercharger, I cleaned out most of the synthetic oil with a couple of oil changes and took it out on the lake and it seemed to get better going about 60mph. As I was comming back it really started to die, whenever I gave it throttle it would bobble and respond bad. I then tore it down and all was normal, no contamination or leaks.
    I have waited to change out the washers because I have already purchased a full kit to convert the SC to a 06 07 model with metal washers. I will be doing that next.
    But this thing was fine untill i did the mods and finished it up with a fresh oil change using MA rated synthetic oil.
    The ski has 45hrs on it and as soon as it hit the water it ran like horrible crap.
    Any other ideas?

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