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    Seadoo Oil

    I just purchased a pair of 1998 Seadoo GTS's and have a question about the oil. When I purchased the ski's they already has 3/4 full tanks of oil. After reading about the proper oil, I realized that I put about 1 1/2 qts of Quicksilver TCWIII oil in each to top them off which is not the correct oil. I do not know what kind was already in them or what the previous owner ran in them. Do you recommend that I just run the tanks down and the go with the proper api-tc oil, or should I pump it out and start from scratch. I have maybe run 12 gallons of fuel through each so I have only used about a quart of the 6.5 qt capacity. Thanks for the advise.


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    It depends on what oil was in your ski to begin with, if it was Sea Doo Mineral oil and you added Synthic oil you have problem, the two oils dont mix and they will cause blocking of the oil filter and clog the bottom of the oil tank. Mineral oil is ligh brown, it looks like motor oil from a car, very light in color. Any synthic oil can be mixed with each other and it will be ok. If it was Mineral oil you need to drain the tank, line, and replace the oil filter, and bleed all Bath line and oil pump lines.

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    What I added was quicksilver tcwIII non synthetic. I am not sure what was in there before, but the inside of the tank is stained a blue color. I know the tcwIII is not the correct oil, but not sure what I need to do. I am interested in going with the Amsoil Interceptor oil when I need to add.


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    Suck all that oil out and start from fresh, not worth the risk of two different oils gelling and creating a blockage/restriction.

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