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    07 RXP 12 vol low

    2007 RXP 110 hours. Just got it back from service at 101 with change out of SC clutch.

    Went to go for a ride last weekend. Started to get 12 v low but everything seemed to start and it didn't sound weak so I continued riding for the day.

    After that I changed out the battery with a brand new AGM. Made sure to charge battery on trickle charger before installing. Battery voltage was around 13 after charging.

    Installed in ski, started down the canal and immediately received 12 v low again. Came back, tested battery and getting 12.7 volts while ski off.

    Checked the charging fuses all ok and tight.

    Today I checked voltage of battery with ski running and it drops to 11.8 and 11.7. Once again over 12 when off. I was going remove the 30amp charging fuse and check with voltmeter while running, but it started to rain and I didn't want to chance getting water in the electrical. Before it rained I was able to follow instructions found here to check the stator. And, as per the post I received continuity between the posts and open circuit between the posts and ground.

    So, i believe my problem is simply the rectifier. The one time i have seen a stator go bad was on my 1997 spx, and it would immediately drain the battery when attempting to start -- after the first crank. This was back in 2001 (after the ski was 4 years old and went through abuse by previous owner and several shops). Even on my 2001 RX's never seen this go bad and I still own both each with over 400 hours on them.

    Update on this: Went to dealer to get part, asked if they could get it warrantied, was told they would have to hook it to BUDS to get computer reading in order to warranty by service advisor. So instead of having to setup an appointment, trailer it, leave it at the dealer and being unable to see them physically work on it, i simply purchased the 142 plug and play part myself and installed it. Figured if it wasn't bad I could easily ebay it. In between I emailed owner of shop since i have been dealing with him for several years now and was told "There are further test that need to be done and it will require the BUDS box to do it.
    Please remember AMPS do the charging, not volts. Did you test the stator for out-put?"

    I connected the rectifier, took it for a spin and guess what? All great. I don't think I have ever had a rectifier go bad on any of my skis. This also happened to my friend with an 04 RXP about the same amount of hours into it. What else other than the original error (P0562) would the dealer have actually seen from the BUDS? If there were actually some other error the BUDS would give off, I would think that the manual wouldn't describe in detail how to check the rectifier, stator, connections and wiring with a multimeter - wouldn't manual have said necessary tool - BUDS box????? Is this shop shouting BS or what?
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