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    What a bunch of Dickheads

    Dont they have anything better to do

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    those jerks. someone get them on a ski to show them the fun they can have

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    I hate them also. We had to fight them to get back onto the lakes here in CA for Anderson and Calero. Thank god we won. It was a tough battle though. We had to fight those idots to get the MTBE out of our fuel that was getting into our water. They have no clue some times. "Boaters, shoreline hikers, and wildlife enthusiasts complain that the noise from personal watercraft ruin their outdoor experience." I guess they have not listened to the Wake boarders with the music so loud you can hear it for miles away. Especially with the language with some of the songs. I do not have kids, but some of it is really bad. What next are they going to go after them for noise polution?

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    They suck!!

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    Congrats to Bluewater network for keeping out dated info for everyone to see. I thought the modern day hippie/treehugger was smarter than that.

    Also, I don't care what the numbers show, I see just as many if not more reckless boaters than PWC!

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    WOW talk about propaganda. If 2 strokes dumped as much fuel as they say into the water, then there would be no water.

    Save the world. . . shoot a treehugger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Len View Post
    Dont they have anything better to do
    omg, how exaggeratory they are ridiculous

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    they are trying to ban them from pittwater/bayveiw now.

    its one of the last great places for us to ride in sydney since they closed sydney habour to them.

    they claim pwc owers are selfish and mindless which is untrue, the mindless and selfish ones are the people who want us banned from the water ways so they have them all to themselves.

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    at first I was like, "wow that is a pretty harsh thread title." But now, I am like F-in A right. Piss on those d-heads.

    They need to take the all natural cotton tampon out of their ass and get laid by a freaky deaky woman who doesn't just lay on her back and take it.

    Speaking of which. I need to sign off of here for two-three minutes, or less.

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    Farging Bastages!
    I just renewed my AWA membership today..for what it's worth..

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