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    Wanting to split VGA signal to TV?

    who knows a lil sumtin sumtin about splitting VGA signals?

    my computer doesn't have any cool hdmi video stuff... just regular VGA for video output. and i have a TV tuner card in my computer, but i THINK that's irrelevant to what i want to do.. or maybe not actually.

    i just bought myself a new Samsung Hi Def LCD for my bedroom... Series 4 tv with 10,000:1 contrast. no complaints so far, i like it alot

    it has PC input, so i have my computer displaying onto the TV so i can chill on my bed with the wireless keyboard and mouse all the time... and then i have the cable signal going into my tv tuner on my computer so i can have a make-shift PIP with tv in the background... (the TV doens't let you do PIP with two different video sources, so that's why i do it through the tv tuner card in my computer but naturally that's not high def broadcasting... i have the hi def service going right into my tv also

    so now how can i have both my regular computer monitor AND tv hooked up to my VGA port and on simultaneously? ... sometimes i want to sit at my desk and work on the computer and i keep switching the cables around depending if i want the PC on my tv and lay in bed or on the computer monitor so i can sit at my desk

    searchong on the net there's a boatload of options for VGA splitters i dont know where to begin

    anyone familiar with this? tell me what i need to go buy


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    Do you want to switch between the TV and the computer display, or have them BOTH displaying at the same time?

    If your computer has dual video outputs, then you can connect the TV to the second output, and configure Windows to 'clone" the main window onto the second video output.

    Simultaneous display on both monitors from a single VGA output can be tricky, especially if the two displays have different native input resolutions.

    You didn't mention what pixel resolutions the computer screen and the TV have.

    Something like this Monoprice 2-Way SVGA VGA Splitter Amplifier Multiplier should do the job, IF the two displays can handle running at the same resolution.

    Is that what you needed?

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    Shibby sent you a pm

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    Yea, 2 different sizes are a PAIN...

    You'd be better off tossing in a different video card with dual video out, such as a VGA for the PC and DVI for the TV...You can set up each connection individually for size, and have them show the same thing too...

    What is vour current video card? is it onboard VGA, AGP, PCIx16, PCIx1, ???

    Check out, thats where I get my stuff...and they take paypal!

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    Something like this should work depending on the screen sizes.

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    tv supports up to 1024 x 768 ... anything more than that ade tv wont even pick up the signal and says error, mode not supported

    my pc monitor tho doesnt use that resolution nicely, not the same widescreen ratio as the tv

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