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    Just picked up 2008 speedster 150

    I'm new here and I did what it said and I spent hours on the site reading first ,but still havent found the answers I need . I saw that the ceramic washers were changed for 2008 watercraft does that include the boats?. Secondly if I dont want to go crazy with money ,what do I change first ,I saw the intake ,pumpcone ,turbo impellor,etc. I would like to try to keep up with my friends 2007 rxp somewhat . Thankyou for any help.

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    welcome to the forum! i would think that the dealer would tell you if the supercharger clutches were changed to the 2008 design like the PWCs. Basically the first thing you want to do is change the sc washers IF they are the design from 2004-2007, that design will destroy your engine. think you can use the parts for any 4-tec PWC like the RXT since it has the same engine. If you can use the parts from the PWCs, order them from, that helps support this site and you get 10% off your purchase when you use the coupon code "greenhulk" upon checkout. I'm sure other people can help you along with your boat too. Also, you can't really keep up with an RXP since one person put a stage 3 performance kit and other performance parts on his 150 Speedster and got, I think, around 62 mph.

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    Oh, that must be me... with the mods I have, I can keep up with a stock RXP, accelerating at the same rate, it's just at top speed, they'll start edging away. Now, if I had the full stage 3 treatment with the ECU and valvetrain upgrade, I believe it would add 3mph on top, so I could out-accelerate an RXP and almost keep up with their top speed. Top speed is tough thing to gain in a boat, the way force and drag work. I have been reluctant to get an ECU in a brand new boat, since it's a 100% guarantee that you're tossing out any type of warranty. I do have a Rude supercharger on the way, though, and that should give me about what an ECU upgrade would. Another factor is that I live in Florida where the water stays relatively warm; people up north will see slightly better results, especially with an external intercooler.

    You just can't believe what a dealer says about the SC washers. Mine told me that the '07's had metal washers, yet supposively had never heard of a washer problem. We just don't know whether an '08 boat has metal washers (unless someone volunteers to take one apart). BRP now has most of the '08 boats listed on their parts site, but strangely have chosen not to list anything about the supercharger. It is a tad bizarre that you could buy a $20K boat, but can't get information as to whether a major defect has been fixed or not.

    Aside from the SC issue, the first thing you'd want to do is create a less restrictive air intake. It's cheap and a very noticable difference. You can refer back to some of my posts a year ago, when I was experimenting with it. If you plan to stop your upgrades there, I'd recommend the Solas Concord 13/18 prop. But the thing is, you WILL want to upgrade more. I started with the 13/18, but then grew out of it pretty quick when upgrading the supercharger, then the 14/19, and pitching that up as much as I could, now I'm pitching up a 15/20, and might have to get one of the new 15/22 props.

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    i have taken my 08 speedster wake scīs apart and they were ceramic, but i have a good contact with my dealer and he changed them with the 08 sc kit.

    ciao Jim

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    I would like to start with 3 things 1st thing is the supercharger and is it just upgrading the impellor in the charger,2nd the intake system 3rd the prop or impellor ,Would this be a good start or sholud I do something different? I dont think I want to go super crazy until the warranty is up ,I look foward to your advice. Thanks

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    Yep, that's a perfect plan. Send your SC in to Jerry for metal washers, and if you buy a drop-in performance SC impeller at the same time, he'll install it for free (no more than what just the washer job costs), then work on opening up your intake*. With those two mods, you should be happy with a 14/19r prop.

    *I noticed on BRP's parts website that there are two versions of the '08 air intake and exhaust. I bet the early '08s were just a carry-over of an '07, and the latest ones built are of the new design (after they ran out of all the '07 parts they wanted to get rid of). The latest version of the intake looks to be much more free-flowing than the '07 spec. If you happened to have the new version, modification might not be necessary. I could purely speculate that later versions of the '08 boats could have metal washers too, and that's why they haven't listed info about them yet.

    Yes, do try not to go SUPER-crazy like me. Good luck!

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    Interesting how there's talk of changing the SC impeller and "freeing up" the intake, but no mention of MAF/MAS (whichever the system uses) issues, or engine the OEM arrangement pig-rich, from the factory?

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    This was already covered somewhere around in the Sea-Doo PWC section, the only time you need to play with adding more fuel (via bigger injectors or fuel pressure regulator) is when you go with an external intercooler, and for sure when you reach 9+ PSI of boost, as far as the MAF it is ok for much higher boost level than that, so no need to worry with that.

    The 08 boat washers...? I could be wrong but i'm quite sure they are still in ceramic...
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    I talk to the seadoo service manager at my shop and he told me all 2008 s/c have the new washers ,anybody have any info if thats true?I think I just want to start with a better flowing intake system is there a direct bolton one for the 2008 speedster?
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    The service manager will lie to you just as quick as the rest of 'em. You've got confirmation from "jimjim" that his '08 has ceramic, there's a fairly high chance you have ceramic. Now, like I said, I'm guessing that at some point in the production of the '08s, they will run through all their older-spec superchargers, and start using the new ones in the boats.

    There are no bolt-on air intakes, you'd have to make it yourself. It's easy and cheap to do, but like I mentioned, check and see if you have the new-spec air intake, cause that looks to be much more free-flowing.

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