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    Ski damage whilst towing

    Hi guys. I still haven't decided which ski to buy yet (tossing up between Yamaha SHO Cruiser, HO Cruiser and Seadoo RXT-X) but I'm gaining a lot of good information through these posts. I live in the country about 40 minutes from the nearest water to launch a ski and that's travelling at 100kph (60mph)to get there. I'm concerned that whilst being towed the bottom of the ski will get damaged from stones etc. being thrown up from the rear tyres of the car, at 100kph, onto the bottom of the skis hull. Am I right in assuming that this will occur or is this perceived problem rather than an actual one? Can anyone provide any light onto the subject? I know that in the city the towing speeds are much slower and therefore less chance of any damage. Any advice from anyone who lives in the country

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    i thought the same thing when i was towing my ski back from Florida to Virgina i think it was about a 800 mile drive and i did 65-70 the whole way.

    the ski is alot narrower then the tires you may get some stuff kicked up but i doubt most of it it would hit the ski. if your really concerned though there is a company that makes a bra for skis.

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    I've towed my ski all over the U.S. and that will be the least of your worries. Bearings, flat tires and idiot drivers is the biggest threat!

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    Good mud flaps on your vehicle will help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by axgrider73 View Post
    Good mud flaps on your vehicle will help.

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    Dude. I must have it a pile of dog Shit on my way riding on sunday. ALL OVER the STX-R. I even thought it was mud and wiped it off with my hand...... NASTY!

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