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    Gotta love this sport! 05Limited's Avatar
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    RR SC Impeller/ECU results

    ... and 42lb injectors: 74.2, 74.8, 74.4, 74.6 all at 8300-8350rpm.

    I'm happy!

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    and now you can change your sig because you are now over 2mph fater then your old speed!

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    Congrats Jeff. I know you have worked hard for this.

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    Jeff, yeah man, that is cool!...enjoy...PR...

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    Congrats!! wow that is close to 75
    I guess you can wait till the cold season

    So how's the acceleration
    So you saw 2mph from upgrading from the Riva SC ?

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    Re: RR SC Impeller/ECU results

    Quote Originally Posted by 05Limited
    ... and 42lb injectors: 74.2, 74.8, 74.4, 74.6 all at 8300-8350rpm.

    I'm happy!
    Jeff, those are incredible good numbers for a 3 seater ski, good job. Now we need more data, how was the weather?

    Air temp?
    water temp?
    how much gas in the tank?
    stock prop or solas?
    rider weight?
    complete set up?



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    EZ Dock of Long Island Shibby1485's Avatar
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    AWESOME results jeff!!!! very cool, you must be real excited about this.

    i'll be running same setup as you plus also my hull is getting trued as we speak, rideplate mod, my cool temps, and my light body-weight..... assuming my motor is in good compression and my prop is dialed in right, i plan to be at 75+.... honestly looking for 76+, but don't want to aim too high right now and fall short

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    Don't forget about the r2d2 midget you have in the hull that can fix problems while your riding.

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    Jeff , GREAT #'s !! I'm glad to see some of my old stuff got ya there :P Get your prop to 8400(old RR ECU) or 8500 with the new , and you will be even faster yet Keep up the good work.

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    so if he lets out a mm from the blade, puts on skegs he would be at 76 hehe

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