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    Could it be true...

    need your help

    sanded the plate
    did the reverse bucket mod
    filled the ride plate holes
    installed the Vortech S/C impeller
    plus the RIVA Pro Series OPAS Blockoffs

    AND...¿...? LOST 2 km/h...

    (...start thinking about changing my wear ring...)

    RPM's ok (7950-8050)

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    Did you rechack all of your connections? such as the tubes going from your s/c to you intake manifold? that would be my only guess if ya didnt change anything else

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    Re: Could it be true...

    Quote Originally Posted by SCiD

    installed the Vortech S/C impeller
    i would look there for your problem.

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    my dealer did the Vortech installation...
    (quite competent guy - no complaints so far)


    haven't tested out the new wear ring - still waiting for a new one...

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