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    buying my first jetski, australia

    howdy guys, phill form south aussie here, im just about to purches my first jetski, a new 07 rxp, im prrety excited about it, but just been doing some research on this problem with the supercharger washers, knowing i just paid 22k for a ski thats gonna shit it self straight away, is a little off putting, are they a good relaible ski appart from these washers, im looking at just using it for some play time and towing the kids around in a tube etc, im not sure how i would go with replacing the washers right away with the warranty etc, they assuered me theres no problem there, but many would disagree, anyway cheers phill from south aussie.

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    Yes The Washers Are A Big Problem, But Other Than That I Think That They Are A Good Reliable Ski.

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    they are reliable if you maintain it properly. other than putting metal washers in, things such as, flushing the engine every time after you take it out of the water, change the oil every 50 hours, rebuilding the supercharger when necesary, etc. you can find lots of info on how to maintain your ski here on the site and in the ski's service manual.

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    washers can last well over 200 hours.. they wont get trashed as soon as u turn the ski on.. many people over react about how often they break cos the damage they cause when they really do.. replace it.. but i dont have any problems with mine and i have been going 90-100kmh over 5 ft chop no prob for a long time
    besides if its under a year when they break your dealer will replace them under warrenty and fix all the problems it causes..

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    Replace the washers as soon as possible. It's cheap effective insurance.

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    howdy guys, picked her up today black and yellow one, cant wait to get out and rip it up, im just gonna leave the washers at the moment i dont want to affect the warranty in anyway, if it does go then they will have to fix it, i was told to run it in for 10hrs, then give it its first service then shel be sweet to rock, cant wait to tow the missus in a tube accross the water at 100km haha, (only joking id get bashed ), ok will keep ya informed.

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    what disapointing introduction to jetskis it was for me on the weekend, took out my new o7 rxp friday got up 2 hrs of cruzing around, then saty went out again and got 20mins, it just cut out like the dess key come unpluged, but wasnt, pulled the key off then back on still nothing, after about 10 mins, i was starting to get a little worried, then she started so headed straight in but done it 2 more times on the way in, just cuts out then comes good again, when i got back in it was reading low 12v, so i ended just going and buying another battery already charged from the boat shop, it went for about tens mins then same thing cut out started reading low 12v, and beeping flat out, so il get in touch with the dealer tomorrow see what the go is.

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