WATERCRAFT ACCIDENT, BULLHEAD CITY - Saturday around 2:30 p.m. someone operating a personal watercraft fled after striking another personal watercraft that was anchored on the beach of the River Palms Resort & Casino. No injuries were reported.



Two men disappear after kayak overturns in Moon Lake

By Joel Anderson, Times Staff Writer
Published Sunday, March 30, 2008 9:34 PM
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Pasco sheriff’s officers search on Moon Lake for two men who took a kayak and capsized.
NEW PORT RICHEY — Rescue workers searched by air and water Sunday night for two men who were thrown from a kayak when it overturned in Moon Lake.
The two men had been doing stucco work on a home in the 9200 block of Moon Lake Road when they took the homeowner's kayak without permission, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.
The kayak capsized and tossed the men into the water about 2:50 p.m. The men were seen thrashing around in the water but had disappeared by the time rescue workers showed up at the lake.
The homeowner went looking for the men on a personal watercraft but could not find them.
Authorities said the men could not swim and didn't bring along any flotation devices in the kayak. The kayak was found on the other side of the lake, and a cap and a cigarette lighter, believed to belong to one of the men, were also recovered.
"This looks like it's going to be a recovery," said Kevin Doll, a spokesman with the Sheriff's Office. "It's a big lake and it's not like they are divers who had any type of breathing apparatus."
Divers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Sheriff's Office searched for the men until nightfall, Doll said.
Rescue workers were expected to begin the search again this morning.
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Etowah County Purchases Boat for Search and Rescue Missions
The Etowah county sheriff's office has recently purchased a boat that will aid in search and rescue missions. It will be used to help the department of conservation and marine police so they can patrol the Coosa River. The sheriff's department has never had its own boat and previously had to borrow boats for events like River-fest. Last summer they had to use the commander’s personal watercraft to search for a drowning victim.


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Two county surfers nominated for Billabong XXL awards

- Sentinel Staff report
Article Launched: 03/31/2008 01:38:16 AM PDT

Surfers Tyler Fox of Aptos and Jamilah Star of Santa Cruz were atop some of the most monstrous waves ridden last year, earning them nominations for the 2008 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.
Star was one of three women nominated for the Girls Best Performance Award on March 21. The $5,000 award celebrates the woman with the best overall big wave season. Star won the XXL's first women's award in 2005 and was a nominee in 2006.
Fox, meanwhile, is up for one of the most prestigious XXL awards -- the Biggest Wave.
Fox towed into a monster at Ghost Tree on Dec. 4 and someone caught it on tape, making him eligible to win $15,000 and a personal watercraft.
"It happened so fast, tell you the truth," said Fox, who also earned an XXL Biggest Wave nomination in 2006 for the only other time he surfed Ghost Tree. "It's an overwhelming ball of adrenalin, and then its over."
The raging 70-foot-plus waves that day at the break off of Pebble Beach proved deadly. They took the life of longtime surfer Peter Davi of Monterey, whom toxicology reports showed was on meth when he drowned while paddle surfing the monsters. The Ghost Tree waves also produced several XXL award nominees.
Brad Gerlach of Los Angeles also earned a Biggest Wave nomination for one he caught there on Dec. 4. Also, Carlos Burle of Brazil earned a Ride of the Year nomination [worth a possible $50,000], as well as a nod for the Monster Tube award, for his Ghost Tree wave that day.

The Maverick's Surf Contest didn't produce any nominees, but the Maverick's break did. Ben Andrews of San Francisco earned a Monster Paddle nomination for the wave he rode there Feb. 9.
Last year, Ken "Skindog" Collins of Santa Cruz won the Ride of the Year award and the Monster Tube award for his 50-foot tube ride in Puerto Escondido, Mexico in June 2006.
The winners of the 2008 XXL contest will be announced April 11. A live Webcast of the awards show can be watched at 7 p.m. at www.billabongxxl.com.
For a complete list of nominees, visit the Out and About blog at www.santacruzlive.com/blogs/outside.



YFD rescues child swimmers over the weekend

YFD rescues child swimmers over the weekend
YFD ENGINEER STEVE LEGROS uses a personal watercraft to pick up and bring a young swimmer who was stranded back to shore on Saturday. YFD firefighter Andrea Moreno assists from shore.

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April 1, 2008 - 3:46PM

For the second time in a month, Yuma Fire Department Swift Water Rescue personnel and equipment were used to rescue swimmers along the Colorado River.
According to Yuma Fire Department spokesman Mike Erfert, three children - the youngest about age 6 - were swimming in the area of the railroad bridge on Saturday afternoon and wound up on the California side of the river.
Erfert said the children were too tired and scared to try and swim back, having been in deeper water than they expected.
"Right where they were, there was some deep spots offshore in the river," Erfert said. "If they would have had some flotation devices they may have been able to paddle back."
Since the adults were not capable of retrieving the children, and the bank being too steep and rocky for them to climb up to the road, Erfert said the decision was made to use a personal watercraft.
"I don't know what the adults' swimming capability was, but they did not feel comfortable trying to retrieve them," Erfert said.
Erfert said YFD personnel used the personal watercraft to ferry the children - one at a time, back to the Arizona side of the river.
YFD rescues child swimmers over the weekend
MEMBERS OF THE Winterhaven Fire Department and Rural/Metro Ambulance stand on the California side of the Colorado River as Legros brings one of the children across the river on a personal watercraft.

The Colorado is a live river, sand bars change and what may have been shallow the last time you were there, could be a deep hole now.
Although Saturday's rescue was not a dramatic rescue, Erfert said it should remind people that children must be closely supervised around water.
"The river is not a baby sitter," Erfert said. "You need to keep your eyes on your children. They need relentless supervision."
Erfert stressed that children need to have constant supervision whenever they are around water and anyone who is providing the supervision needs to be a capable swimmer.
"If you take your children to the river and let them loose it becomes a dangerous situation," Erfert said.
In the other incident, which occurred on March 10, a group of people became stranded on a sand bar in the middle of the Colorado River.
The four adults and three children, all of whom were uninjured, became stranded after their blow-up rafts and inner tubes began to leak.
The group, which included a toddler, were stranded in the East Wetlands about 2 miles east of the Ocean-to-Ocean Bridge.
In addition to YFD, other responding agencies included Yuma County Sheriff's Office, Yuma Police Department, and the U.S. Border Patrol. The fire department's Swift Water Rescue Team was deployed.
YFD personal watercraft and a Border Patrol boat were used to bring the people to Gateway Park. It took rescuers about an hour to locate the group and get everyone to safety.
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