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    Question on a few minor mods...

    Can anyone take some pics of the wings cut on there intake grates and filled ride holes?

    When you cut the wings on the grate what is it actualll doing to make it faster?Also the same thing for the ride holes,what is it causing and can someone take pics?

    Doing these mods,do they change turning speed or handling or how the ski rides in chop?

    What kind of top end am i going to see.What kind of speeds amd i going to do stock and go to with these mods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hi im drummer03 View Post
    Can anyone take some pics of the wings cut on there intake grates and filled ride holes?
    Sorry I don't have pics of my grate but look at at stock riva grate in Jerrys store and I cut 1/4" off each side of the wing. It did not effect handling but I think it helped my speed. I've been playing with a grate for 2 years, off, on, off, on...It scrubbed my speed about 1.5 mph but handling was improved. So I just cut off 1/4" off each side and it did not hurt my speed but improved handling in chop.

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    Hey lafjax,

    re the riva's outer wing being cut...did you take a 1/4" off the outside edges ie those edges closest to the tunnel or did you take some off the bottom...the lowest edges?

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    Can someone take some pics of these mods please

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