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    Supercharger Shaft tool

    The local dealer let me borrow the wrench to change my supercharger clutches to the metal ones. The wrench i have is 529-035-949. The wrench seems to be too thick and will not slide into the lock washer because it hits the spring. I believe this tool came from a 2005 seadoo tool kit, my RXT is an 06. Is there another tool for the 06-07 because of their attempt to "beef up" the stock clutch setup. If not, what am I doing wrong.

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    Here you go and it's available through the online store.

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    I guess here is my answer...

    I got the 04-05 tool!

    Anyone ever make a tool out of a wrench and a die grinder!

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    Yes i did....took the closest hex key open side i could find (or sometime you got those fork keys to hold an angle grinder shaft from turning), i did grind it off to fit A-1.....there you go my friend....a brand new tool...!!!

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    I actually came up with somthing that worked quite well and was easy. Take a 10" ajustable wrench and close it down on the lock nut. Then slide two finishing nails in the key groves, then pop the nut off. Do the same thing for installation. Had no problem holding the 22 lb-ft. Believe it or not, it did not put a knick in the lock nut.

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