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Thread: Prop question

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    Prop question

    I have an 05 RXP. 4" inch front intake, riva free flow exhaust, Riva intake grate. I am running 8150 rpms, and cant find my gps yet to get a true speed reading. I have an xs intercooler, and plan on getting a green wheel and 42# injecters in the future. My question is what can be done to the stock prop for my current set up? I feel that once every thing is installed I will have to go with a 15/20 and do not want to buy a 14/19 now and a diff. one once everything is installed.

    P.S. given my mods. and rpms what speed do yall feel I am at now.
    and once I have everything installed what should my #'s look like

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    If I was a betting man I'd put you at or just over 70mph, now.

    Add 2-3mm to your prop.

    With an XS, 42's, Green wheel and a 15/20?....76mph?
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