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    RXT vs. f12x GPScape

    I have been working on buying a ski right now I have it narrowed down to a 05 RXT w/ 45 hrs and some cosmetic flaws, dock scratches. The other machine I have run across is a new 2006 honda f12x GPScape. They are very similar in price. I really would like to stick with Sea-Doo but having a warrenty and brand new machine is very tempting. Has anyone out there ridden both. Any and all advice or oppinions would be appreciated. Thanks

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    The honda is a reliable ski. But rides bad in the chop and lacks power compaired to a Sea doo. Sea doo fun factor #1 But requries some maintance. Super charger every 100 hours and you better make sure you have metal SC washers in there and not the stock ceramics. Granted Sea doo has it problems. But with the right care it will last as long as any PWC out there.

    Please read the board. It will help you make the right choice.

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    Find another RXT with a warranty, you will enjoy passing the Hondas.

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