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Thread: Service Reset?

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    Service Reset?

    Some help / advice needed please.

    My parents live in Florida, and when i visit them in a few weeks i was planning to buy a RXP-X and use it whilst there whilst on holiday. At the end of my holiday i am planning to ship it back to the UK for our (somewhat limited) summer!

    Uk Seadoo dealers have said they will not service or look after this ski, its not so much of a problem as i can get the maintainence done at an independant dealership. However, several people have said that i will not be able to reset the 1st service (10hours) indicator, or any other of the service indicators for that matter. Also they said that performance will slowly decrease if not serviced, with the ECU slowly reducing power until plugged into by Seadoo.

    Is this true, is there another way, or can i buy something to reset it?

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    When your here in Florida I'm sure you will have put 10 hours on your new ski. So I'm sure you will have this serviced before you ship back.

    Where in Florida do your parents live?
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    tell your parents to buy it, then buy it used from them after your vacation??
    i think if you export a used ski no dealer disqualification comes into play?
    others will chime in, lots of canadians are doing it this year.

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