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    Primer install on Pro

    In the middle of it and I know we've gone through the brass fittings issues.

    I got a primer kit from Atlantis. The fittings I have are moderately loose, with the plastic fittings also installed. Brass fittings way too loose without the plastic fittings...If you know what i'm talking about.

    Anywho, do the fittings that either Randy or Richie have sized to fit without the plastic fittings and directly against the aluminum of the carb? I dont want to use the plastic along with the brass if ya know what I'm getting at.

    I should have already ordered them for I knew I'd be having this problem when it came time.

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    Most kits are disigned to use with the stock plastic bushings from the choke linkages.

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    Randy at Watcon will have them as will Jay at Atlantic Powersports and Brian at Ultimate Watersports in California.
    I never install the primer fittings with the plastic bushings.

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