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    To all the Moderators

    I see we have a new section on trailers and the PM of them.
    How about a section on service bulletins also for each section.

    Just a thought

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    i dont think it's worth adding more subforums to the already hectic forum.

    when we have a technical update to post, we always sticky it in the performance section for a reasonable length of time. service bulletins only last for a little while, so u'd be lucky to see more than 1 or two active bulletins at the most for a given manufacturer for an entire year...

    i personally dont see the need to start a new forum in each mfg section to house 2 threads for an entire year... it was a good thought Dr... but i think it's more trouble than it's worth

    not like the car industry where consumers can get hard copys of these things and keep compiling them for a certain model.. the models change too quickly, the bulletins are few and far between, and usually all get corrected in a quick matter of time

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