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    Gas smell in oil

    If there are gas smell in oil, should I change it? Drained some and it looked fine. Only 2 hours since previous oil change....

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    r u having 07 o 08 ultra?

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    07. 35 hours. Bought it at 33 hours....

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    Welcome to the boards. And welcome to GIO ( gas in oil). Best bet is to start reading old threads. It is a COMMON problem with the Ultra's, something many have been dealing with. R&D makes a kit to "HELP" reduce the GIO. It’s the vent kit or something like that. As stated read up, check out threads like:
    That’s just a few. Look at the older threads, many discuss this same issue.
    Also, start studying this website.

    And my personal favorite
    Good luck.

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    As for if you should change your oil. That’s your call. I cant say don’t do it, but make sure you check the oil level. Read up on that as well. DO NOT OVERFILL……I run mine at 4 quarts on a full oil change. You will notice your oil level rise after just one tank of gas! You have two options, drain some out, and make it on the low end of cold, or drain it all out and still have it on the low end of cold. Some guys would change after every ride, they would use the cheapest oil they could find, just knowing they were only gonna use it for one tank of gas. My guess is if it smells like gas, then your oil level is way high, and might get into the intercooler. Level the ski with a bullet level, and check it out.

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    I agree with everything Dubz1 said.

    Before I purchased teh R&D crankcase ventilation system, I was changing my oil after every 58 mile wide open throttle ride - major blowby issue... I purchased 4.00 per quart synthetic mix oil and changed it (minus the filter) after every ride. Since installing the ventilation system, the issue still exists but to much less of a degree. I still change the oil frequently. I say again, the thought of gas inside mixing with all of those bearings scares the sh-- out of me..... expensive to change frequenlty but in my opinion, its worth it. My test is to smell the dipstick, if it has the sweat smell of fuel, I change it..........

    BTW - when you change, manipulate the tongue on your trailer all the way down, so the craft leans forward and the oil moves forward, increasing your ability to suck it all out.
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