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    I use to have a very bad hole shot

    I no longer seem to have a very bad engine not reving problem on hole shot. engine revs very good now when coming out of the hole. the only thing I did was replace battery as it had a dead cell and open high speed jets to 2 full turns out from closed. could a dead cell cause it to not to have a hole shot. I have not been able to adjust carbs correctly yet as it started to rain 15 minutes after I put boat in water. I allso notice that I have a bad cavatation problem with the 600 pounds of people that I had in this 14 foot boat. I had to get one person 250 pounds to sit up front so boat would plain out. even with all the weight in the boat hole shot is 10 times beter than it was before with just me. I have to slowly give it gas so boat will not cavatate. Now that I think I may be geting some where could some one help me with ideas on cavatation. looking at impeller and wear ring they both look good to me. I can not see any gap between the two. I have seen other impellers like a swirl or something. I was wandering if I could get a more positve hook up whith out cavatation with a beter impeller or intake grate. I do not want to waste money on some thing that is not going to make a differance. boat is a 1995 seadoo sportster with 657x, west coast intake, dual 44 mikuni carbs, rosier head and k&d exhaust.

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    Even with no gap in between the impeller and the wear ring, the ring could still be shot. In my boat I have to pull it off to get a good determination whether or not it needs to be replaced. I cannot get a good view between the blades to see if the wear ring is shot.....Just my 2 cents

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    Cavitation is also caused by 'NO' clearance, you need a minimum of .003"/.005". clearance all the way around. Sometimes pump/motor alignment causes this.

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    thank you

    Thank you both Spd5535 and Badvinny for your replies. Robin

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    if u were bogging and you turned your H igh speeds outand cured it fuel was your issue not the batt cell

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    Thank you Zmann for reply. I thank you are right about carbs. I forgot that I replaced spark plugs after battery died. both spark plugs looked new when I first had problem they did look too wet to me though. After battery finally gave up I checked plugs and one was brown and the other was black. I believe I may of had a sticking inlet neadle in one of the carbs causing the problem but I am not sure. but it runs strong now and that is all I care about.
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    Be careful, on a lot of older boats the actual problem is actually you have a need for carburetor clean-up, because your carb jetting is actually sticking and is gummed, reducing it actually, so when you opened it like you did, you gaved it more fuel to compensated the bad jetting caused by varnish reducing it.......but if you got one jet cleaner and the otehr one partially clogged by varnish, you might are actually over fueling one of the cylinder ending in one of the sparkplug being dark black from too much fuel.....then if the other jet cleans itself one day, you'll end up being too rich on fuel on both of the cylinder.

    I suggest you have (or do) dismount and clean both of the carburetors and retune them to oem specs, cancelling your last adjustement, 2 full turn is (a lot) on a carb screw, this means you are definitely starving of fuel on high speed jet.

    My 2 cents, if that can helps...

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