Shark frenzy at Bungan

John Morcombe
4 April 2008

A LONE lifeguard on a jet ski chased a pack of five sharks away from Bungan Beach early yesterday afternoon after they were spotted by a resident whose home overlooks the beach.
Two British tourists swimming also saw the sharks and fled, while an unwary boardrider was called in to the beach by Pittwater lifeguard supervisor Phil Dunn.
After the alarm was raised, Newport lifeguard Warren Keegan raced to the scene on a jet ski and found five sharks feasting on several schools of mullet.
He chased them away, but says they are likely to remain in the area while the schools of fish are about.
"I couldn't see what type of shark they were, but they were about three or four feet long," he said.
The shark scare at Bungan yesterday follows the discovery of a juvenile great white shark near the shore at Freshwater on Tuesday. Lifeguards forced the shark back into deeper water but it came ashore again at Queenscliff soon after and died.
Yesterday Mr Dunn was at the top of the hill when the alarm was raised at 1.45pm and saw the swimmers fleeing the water at Bungan.
"The surfer was right near the sharks and a school of fish, so I called out to him to come in. He came in quick-smart."
Mr Dunn said the sight of the sharks rounding up the fish and then racing in to eat them was quite spectacular to watch.
"They were just black shapes in the water and every now and then you'd see a fin pop out," he said. "I think they were too busy chasing the fish to notice anything else."
Mr Dunn said bathers and surfers should avoid Bungan and Warriewood beaches, which are not patrolled during the week at this time of year.
"When there are no flags on the beach it means no one is watching out for your safety," he said.