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    Is there such a thing? I have a 2000 RX and 2007 GTX that were winterized by a mechanic. What do I have to do to them to get back on the water?

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    charge your battery and rock out

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    Top off the tank with premium fuel and go riding!

    Even if your Doo does not say to put premium in it, the first tank needs it as the fuel quality of the gas in the tank eroded over the winter.......

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    Thanks guys...and ya. All I run is premium

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    BOTH-charge the battery, fill up with gas, crank the engine to burn out the fogging oil, run on hose for 2 or 3 minutes, change spark plugs to a new clean set........

    on the 07 GTX- see if the oil is black (if it is then the mechanic didn't change it at winterazition), change the oil and filter if it's black(dark brown, dirty)

    2000 RX- fill up the oil tank

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    I wouldnt change the plugs untill the old gas is ran out. I've read in multiple places that Fuel Stabilizer runs a toll on plugs. Run the old gas out then Swap the plugs.

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