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    I am looking to buy a 2001 Toyota Tacoma from a private owner and before I hand over the money, I would like to have the truck checked out. Does anyone have a mechanic that they can recommend to do this? The truck is in Toms River but I am in Barnegat. I am willing to travel a little north as well.

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    There are some AAA locations that will do a full diagnostic on the vehicle for under $100.00.

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    Keith is good at Top-Techs Automotive solutions, They are located at:
    427 Route 9
    Barnegat, NJ
    phone: 609-698-8600

    I`ve only used them once, on a Flowmaster /tail pipe install. I`m happy with it, the guy is cool and I can tell that they know what they are doing...
    give him a call and see what he says and how much...

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