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    Jet ski breaks away from trailer, injures woman

    Woman hurt as jet ski and car collide

    The woman injured in Saturday’s crash is treated before being transferred to the ambulance on a spinal board. (Picture by Nigel Baudains, 0560403)
    A WOMAN suffered minor injuries when a jet ski came off its trailer and hit the car in which she was travelling.
    The incident happened on Saturday afternoon at Route du Longfrie, near St Peter’s Arsenal. It appears that the trailer carrying the jet ski broke away from the towing vehicle. The craft rode up the car’s bonnet and broke the windscreen before coming to rest on the pavement.
    An ambulance crew was called at 1.57 and treated the 54-year-old local woman, a front seat passenger in her husband’s green Citroen Xsara. After being treated on the pavement, she was transferred to the ambulance on a spinal board as a precautionary measure before being taken to hospital with minor injuries to her head, neck and a hand.
    Police have appealed for witnesses to the accident.

    Hello All,
    I've seen one fatality in '89 here in Cali on interstate 10 heading to go riding at the Colorado River, a stand up jet ski walked out of the back bed of a pickup truck when the tie down came loose, bounced two times and went through the windshield killing a woman. I had a friend of mine also come around a corner, same thing happened, ski walked out of the back of the pickup and came loose, skidded on the ground about 75 feet leaving a long white gel coat streak and hitting my neighbors car...not good...

    And I don't want to even talk about what happened to me...losing 8 skis on a trailer when the tongue broke off of the service truck on a double decker never know!

    Check your receivers, chains, air pressure in tire, bearings, and do not overload the weight capacity on your trailers, and make sure your PWC does not extend off the rear brace arm, the end of the trailer should be the end of your skis...and always, always check your tie downs and never travel unless you have tied them down!

    I use 5 tiedowns per ski, as they are rated for strength here, at 200 lbs each, my skis being 900 lbs loaded. One bump, one pothold one curb away from popping a tie down....replace them annually.


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    On long road trips, we stop a couple of times just to check
    everything is still secured on the trailer and to re-tighten any tie-downs
    after the first couple of hard brakes.

    I use ratchet-type tie downs with 400lbs. working load(800lb. max) each.
    Price is reasonable for the quality/durability:

    We also use these to secure fuel-tanks
    to the ski's rear deck when embarking on long trips.

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