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    44 carbs will they go on a 780

    what would i have to do to put 44 carbs on my 780 an would it make it faster? thanks what kind of reeds will i need or will the stock reeds work a buddy of mine has these 44's an i can get them really cheapthe motor just came back from sharps so im sure it can handle them i hope

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    You will need the manifold.

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    They will fit. You need:

    Flame Arrestor
    Long Trottle Cable ( the stock one fits, but just barely)


    785 Cages/Reeds (or aftermarket)

    Keep in mind that this will NOT make you faster, maybe 2mph. It will however make you alot quicker. This is all at the expense of alot of fuel.

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    The 780 has reed spacers, but you will need the pro reed cages as the stock ones do not flow well with the pro intake manifold.

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    They will fit. You need a PRO 785 intake manifold. (try 785 Lugs)
    You will need longer throttle cable and Flame Arrestor as previously mentioned. I'd go with aftermarket reed cages or PRO reed cages like mentioned over stock.

    They will make it faster with alot more fuel consumption. The stock 38mm will usually benefit holeshot, with the 44's allowing more air for better top speed.

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    Ok thanks everyone thats what i needed to know you guys are the best thanks again

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