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Thread: Market Value???

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    Market Value???

    Can anyone give me an honest market value for:

    2007 RXP 215 (Black and Gold) 35hrs
    2007 GTI 130 (mirrors and speedometer added) 30hrs

    I bought these skis last year and don't think that I will be able to ride them much since I'm getting ready to have my first child in two weeks!! Both are like brand new since I washed and waxed them every time we took them out.. Also, I have a Triton two spot trailer, life jackets, wetsuits and each ski comes with 2 more years of pre-paid services...

    Anyone interested let me know

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    9, also check That should give you an idea on the 3rd party market value of yor skis.


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    For whatever reason, hours don't seem to matter on If I was looking to buy, the first thing I would ask about is if the engines still have the ceramic washers, then I'd ask if they had the extended warranty... Ron

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