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    Couple quick engine questions

    I have my engine out and PTO off, to replace the flywheel bolts. I have the crankshaft locking tool and both manuals; it looks like the locking tool threads into the lower of the two threaded holes on the back of the block, but do I rotate the motor to TDC before it goes in, or?

    Other question ... with the PTO cover off, I was surprised at how difficult it was to turn the water pump impeller ... I can easily turn it by hand, but there is definitely a little resistance, and no way will it freewheel at all - is that normal? Everything looks great, just curious ...

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    Vern, you will want #3 (forward most cylinder) at TDC before you thread the holder tool in.

    The water pump impeller is also the rear oil pump impeller shaft so there is tension on it. It won't freewheel.

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