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    supercharger installation

    Got my supercharger back from Gerry. The shop manual tells what to torque the three bolts to, and says to do them in a certain pattern. I can,t find the pattern that it refers to. Also refers to cluth slipping moment does this have to be checked after installation.

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    I just snug them all up and use some blue loctite

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    Ya, just snug them up good and use some lock tifgt so they don't back out. As for the slip moment, if Jerry did it its ready to go. Just reinstall it.

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    supercharger installation

    Looks like tomorrow I'll bolt it on. Can't wait to feel any diffrence with the new impeller in the supercharger

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    It's a great feeling to get the machine back in the water for the first time in a while after the superchargers been updated or fixed and nailing the throttle for the first time.

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