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Thread: VTS adjustment?

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    VTS adjustment?

    So i took the ski out monday and tuesday..All i can say is WOW!One thing i was wondering on was the VTS.. On the gauge it has a little arrow locating middle bit when you start it the bad is always one notch above...Whats the deal with this or is that considered neutral?Also when i got up to around 60 i trimed "UP" and didnt feel really any difference in riding..Anything i could be doing wrong?I know exaclty hw it works on a boat or is it just not as noticable on a PWC as a boat?

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    You can never get it to be perfectly in the middle, it is just the way it is.....annoying..
    Best spot for top speed in smooth water is usually one or two clicks above center

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    Wouldnt having it front of the triangle arrow be neutral?
    Also is pushing the up arrow trimming the front or rear up?
    I was wondering why when i do push the arrow up why i dont notice it feel lighter in the water?

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    What i did for a peace of mind is take a note to where the trim bar is and what the actual nozzle postion is at each push of the trim button. What i noticed is that i could be 1 trim bar up from half and push once and no movement on gauge when actually the nozzle did move. Same thing when in the up bar I could trim down once and it would stay same on gauge when actually the nozzle did move.
    It might be different on the P as it says something about the P having a bigger range on the actual gauge than the T.

    with key in, engine not started, and on the trailer look at your gauge and move the trim button and make note of the nozzle movement. just push button and release, you will here the VTS motor with seat off. That also was good time to set the trim function once you know where you want it to be set based on your preference.
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