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    is there a better battery then stock?

    for my kawi 15f this will be my third season so im gunna change the battery is there a better one then stock or just stick with what it came with?

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    not sure you would consider dry cells better or not but I would believe thats really the only option you would have I think they're $80-$120

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    i've used the odyssey batteries in all my boats (all two strokes), now i have new 15f and when this one goes, i am replacing it with a ody also

    the great thing about the odyssey batteries is that they come fully charged. i have had some of them sit for months and they dont need to be recharged, shelf life according to the manufacturer is about 2 years w/o charging.

    well worth it.

    go to and by one, you wont regret it.

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