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    Kawasaki 15F supercharger Race at Puerto Rico

    Mingo Racing Team from Sabana Grande wins without problem.
    Look how kawasaki (White) can kill a Seadoo turbo (Yellow) .......

    These Race were on Cataņo Puerto Rico Date 30/3/08 and the SeaDoo was from Titin.

    Please take a look into the attachment.LOOK HOW FAST CAN GO.........

    Kawasaki the Best..... Mingo Racing.......A++++++
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    what happened with the f 15 at the end. did he let off the gas?

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    Kawasaki 15F Supercharger Video

    These Race Kawasaki 15F Supercharger (Mingo Racing from Sabana Grande Puerto Rico) was with a GPR with (NOs) and tripple pipes..... From Moņi At Cataņo Puerto Rico. Kawasaki was at front by 1 Mile....... Look at the attachment.

    Mingo the best.... A+++++
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    Dear Friend
    They Stop because these drag race is about 1/4 mile and after that it have waves and is not safe. But the Kawasaki was getting more MPH at top speed. It was very nice race.

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    Kawasaki Supercharger 15F Mingo Rapid Racing

    Kawasaki 15F Supercharger....
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    Kawasaki wins a RXT Supercharger from Jimmy

    Please take a look into these video.

    The RXT (Red) from Jimmy in Puerto Rico the ski have a supercharger of 21 Psi of boost, reprogram computer and a 16 Vane pump that cost over $3,000.

    Kawasaki wins/......

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    Its all good but honestly its not a fair comparison. That Seadoo in that race was a RXT. Thats like racing a turbo RXP and a turbo ULTRA. Weight wise, we all know who would have one. not because the 15f is a three seater makes it an even comparison to a RXT. Put it up against a turbo RXP and tell me if u get the same results. Still a good race none the less.

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    Dear Friend
    I understand your point but you need to be aware that the Seadoo ski runs a lot and for my point of view itsnot safe tu run a RXP. The weight of the Rxt is 804 Lbs and the Kawasaki 15F is 745 Lbs is almost the same. I take these number from Kawasaki and Seadoo internet site.

    Julio Mechanic makes a Big Big job on the Seadoo machine.

    I think at the end of these month would be race again and we would see what happend.

    Tomorrow I will post a new race video.

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    An RXP weighs 792 pds. Correction. A RXT weighs 815pds. Now make the weight comparison. Which one is closer to the 15f and if Turbo RXPs arent safe then check the few guys that have done it already. For Example les cooke.

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    coming from a kawi guy..... run one of [email protected] turbotech's boats and i think your results will be quite different in that race

    and if you are gonna post videos... atleast post some that are clear...... the last video you posted looks a like a gpr dusting that rxp and not your green hooded 15F

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