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    viarge TXI

    I have this viarge TXI 800, it keeps failing plugs, its pumping to much oil into the cylinder i have checked both injectors, setting on the oil pump also checked compression it had the wrong plugs in so i have the right ones in there now, if any one has any ideals please let me know as of now its failing so bad will not run longer than 4 seconds

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    When you say wrong plugs, you are talking about wrong heat range??? Might check out the TPS. and the air temp sensors.

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    Run it for a few minutes in the water whilst on the trailer then pull the pump actuator+ cable up to full and rev the ski for a few seconds .It should smoke bad .Then run it hard on the trailer to use up all excess oil for abou 30 seconds .If it still smokes remove the pump and inspect it . You havent premixed it by mistake have you ?


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    Got it fixed it was a bad injector wire going into the brain shorting out the # 2 injector some. the injector would spray but not nearly enough thanks for your help though

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