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    R&D Ultra 250X Supercharger Engine Performance Kit (again)

    A friend just received the pulley kit.
    Is there anyone that had allready installed and tuned it willing to write an "idiots guide" for it?
    I read the R&D instructions and i find them not good for someone not skilled.

    He has the 1to1 pulleys ,the injectors,1 tool,powershot,fuel pressure regulator...
    He bought also the Innovate AFR gauge from R&D.

    1)We need some instuctions and if posible pics of how you mount the sensor,do u use the metal ring or you thread the exhaust?

    2)A "complete idiots guide" to wiring the AFR and the round meter that came with it + AFR use and procedures.
    If it has been covered in the past i apologize and beg for the link!

    3)the mechanical part of the story is easy we wont need any help.

    4)what kind of technician could help us?Car tuner or something?

    5)calling R&D is a bit dodgy because of time zone and poor connection quality

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    I think Turbo AD got one isntalled

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