Hi all, first post. A member of the UK PWCForums and regularly flick through this one.

It has been suggested i post on here, so here goes.

I have a XLT1200, 2001, not the dogs dangly's compared to some, but I love it. She's only got 60 hours on the clock, top end and carb rebuild so she's running as well as stock can go, just put a new solas 12/18 impellor /wear ring in.

I am racing in club this year and whilst know I'm not gonna have the fastest ski want it as good as it gets without spending cash (or lots anyway). My question is:

  1. Rather than putting in pump stuffers I am sealing the area where the shoe and the ride plat joins the hul to stop water curling in and contibuting to that good old cavitation.

    Can I also seal where the shoe butts onto the end of the ride plate or is this specifically designed and should be left.
  2. Rather than spending $400 for Riva sponsons am gonna machine myself some. Anyone know where I could get the sizes or template
Probably sounds tight, but cash isnt too flush at the moment.

Hope I've posted this in the right section, if not can a Moderator move it.

Many thx

Daeths, Kent. SE England