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    Fercho's Method without the "Stealth Fitting"

    I have evrything hooked up on my 06 gp1300r, but I'm not going to use a stealth fittting. What is the best way to complete the install? From the drain at the bottom of the stinger to.............?? PLease help me out ASAP so I can get this beast in the water

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    Take the water from the bottom of the pipe (before your gasket to black the water) and dump it overboard.

    I have one ski with the stealt and one where I dump the water out the back above where the siphon tube is.

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    BEFORE the Gasket??!!! I have drilled where I was told to and its not before the gasket

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    I am guessing you arent using the temp sensor then ? There are many different ways of doing this mod. You need to get the water out of the pipe before the waterbox.

    Its pretty logical -- You are stopping the water from going into the waterbox this is drying it out so it will accelerate better (the gasket).

    the waterbox has to have water - that is why we use the valve to keep it "wet" after 3500 rpms you are dumping water into the waterbox.

    The water that would of been flowing to the waterbox needs to go somewhere (over board or through the stealth fitting).

    My exit for the water before the waterbox is @ the bottom of the stinger. You could use the fitting @ the top (where the temp sensor was) But the water @ the bottom of the pipe will always be there.

    I know the search for jetworks can be overwhelming but take a 1/2 an houir and sort through the posts.

    This one may help you. I had trouble the first time also so you arent alone

    Jeff did an excellent job with pics in the how-to section

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