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    carbon seal sportster

    i have a 03 sportster 4 tec, the carbon seal on the shaft is shot ,totaly out of round. my question is should i also change the support seal its the metal flange that the carbon seal seals against.
    it looks to be in good shape and sits flat on a piece of window glass. im doing the work myself so its no problem to take it apart again its just that i dont want to spend the money on something that looks ok.
    thanks for your input

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    Replace everything even the bellow

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    Is it very hard to change the carbon seal...? Never done it before.
    On my C180 i'd like to play safe and change it before it leaks from there...can it be checked...? Or should it just be changed like at 100+hours...?

    I know on supercharged ones, the service manual basically says to remove the supercharger unit, supercharger inlet hose too, and the entire pump also, but this is not what is frightening me.....i mean is there any special adjustements to be done, or it is basically just use the tool, pry the driveshaft out of PTO, unscrew the rubber boot to hull and to sleeve...?

    I never done it, i'm quite handy and got some tools too, but i wonder should there be any tutorial around here that could help me better than the service manual...? It would really suck to have the dealer do it just to learn how to do it for the first time.

    Thanks for any advice...!
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