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    can you believe this douche bag

    Well here is the story. i was woken up about 3 in the morning to this drunk assclown. who was blasting johnny cash the stupid song from the hotel comercial 'by the way only that song was playing idiot had on repeat". wasn't to happy so i went down the stairs and out the front door to confront his deadbeat ass. already in a pissed off mood for being woken up told him to turn the Fing music off WTF are you doing its 3 in the morning. its that late as he stumbles looking at his watch and says you dont like jonny cash. WTF im in his face and said turn that shit off you stuped MF. if i hear that shit again thats ASS. so i go back inside back to bed and just as i start to fall back asleep hears johnny. WTF party time i run my big ass down the stairs and fling the door open. He meets me in the middle of the street as i was walking fast toward him bam i layed him the F out. :smt097 Best thing is he doesnt live there was just parked in the neighbors driveway O well :smt098 F HIM sometimes you have to learn the hard way

    rant over i feel better now

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    Should have kicked him in the box for good measure

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    LMFAO!!!! now that was a worthwhile read that gave me a good laugh

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    hahah thats gotta be one of the funnest stories i have heard in a longggggg time!!!!! whish i was there to see his ass laid out after you told him u were going to do it! nice work

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    i watched him for bout 30 min after and was talking to himself saying i just wanted to listen to music.

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    I needed that laugh today...Thanks

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    godfather: Dude! Your my Hero man!!! I`m all for when people act like Dckheads and disrespectful, you just have to let them know. Dude that was freakin Great! Would you like to move over to my neighborhood?...LOL...PR...

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    you have assholes like that there i will come clean up that kind of bullshit. i am also tired as hell adrenaline was pumping after couldnt sleep.

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    You are the man! so far so good here. Have one youngin I`m watching and he knows it. Alls it takes is one Duesch bag in the neighborhood, and it`s a new neighborhood, didn`t think I`d see it so soon, but hey you know ...PR...

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