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Thread: 250 probelm...

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    250 probelm...

    My 07 has 109 hours on it.
    All stock.

    Runs great all day but if i run it <wide open throttle> WOT within 20-30 seconds it drops 2k rpms and bogs down till i left off the gas. If i go WOT again its fine..till about 20-30seconds again..

    basically it wont run wot for more than 30 secs....
    it will run 30-50mph all day with no problems..only under wot.
    any ideas?

    I changed the plugs at 30hrs. I change the iol every 30 and it doesnt seem to be overfull.

    I hate taking it to the dealer so if its something i can fix myself i would like to try...and yes i spelled problem wrong..LOL

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    check ur intake and intercooler hoses and make sure they are tight

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