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    Speed Limit On Lake?

    Just Wondering If There Is A Speed Limit On Lake Other Than No Wake Zones Kinda New To Going This Fast On Lake Just Didnt Know If There Was Regulations Or Not?

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    where do you ride?

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    other then a no wake zone i havn't seen or heared if a speed limit on the lake where i ride.

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    Better check your area becuase there can be speed limits on lakes and rivers. I know in the Thousand Islands in NY there are areas of hte river that are not no wake, but speed limited to 35 mph. Some of the finger lakes in ny are also speed governed. That is only if a cop sees you though.

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    oh ya this is y we modd the heck out of our ski'S !!!!!

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    ride in north texas lake tawokani and ray hubbard

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    No speed limits anywhere around here...

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    Speed limit On Lanier on a saturday a warden TRIED chasing me down the main channel..... 2-3 footers and some wakes mixed in he could see me for 5 miles, but not after that.

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