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    2000 Seadoo GSX RFI

    What's up everyone, I have a 2000 Seadoo GSX RFI and unfortunately, I lost my owners manual. With that said, I need to replace the Jet Pump Oil (first time doing it - the ski has 135 hours on it, last done by the dealer at 50) but I don't know what or how much oil to run in it. I know seadoo has it's own synthetic brand jet pump oil, but also I know you can run other stuff in it (i.e. cheaper oil). Any help would be appreciated.

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    synthetic gear oil

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    more specifically, any 75W-90 synthetic gear oil will do

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    make sure you use an anaerobic gasket maker on the seal(Permatex makes one and is found by the silicones/loctites in the auto parts store and comes in a little loctite-like tube). the cone may leak if you do this improperly. water intrustion in the pump is no bueno.

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