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    What have I got?

    So I finally got some more time to dive into this thing a little more today (finally got the RXP slapped back together so it's time to focus on this again):

    Got a rideplate and intake grate from a 97 GSX to try and and have encountered some snags...

    They don't even come close to fit...

    Intake Grates:
    Carbon Fiber Ski 97 GSX (R&D)
    Length: 15 1/4" 12 1/2"
    Width: 3 1/4" 3 1/4"
    Front Holes (Center to Center):
    2 1/4" 1 3/4"
    Back Holes (Center to Center):
    2 1/4" N/A

    It's worth noting here that the pad on the hull to accept a GSX is roughly 5/12" wide but has holes that line up at 2 1/4"

    Carbon Fiber Ski 97 GSX (stock plate)
    Front to Back: 10 3/4" 13 1/4"
    Side to Side: 13 3/4" 16 1/2"

    The carbon fiber grate that was on my ski has 6 mounting spots (2 in front on each side and one each side in the rear). The stock GSX grate has the same arrangement but the spacing is obviously much wider....

    What in the hell have I got?

    Pics attached...The stock GSX plate Eric stripped the paint off of so it's shiny and obviously the carbon fiber plate should be straight-forward enough...

    see post #124 in this thread for pics (don't want to double upload them and burn up space...):

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    contact Bill ONeal on pwctoday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrotoys View Post
    contact Bill ONeal on pwctoday.
    Some one besides me mentioned Bill

    How am I gonna get my commision when this happens?

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