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    Finally a 15F owner, have some questions

    traded my seadoo xpl for a 2004 15F. The 15F has a bad head, so 1st thing is to get it running. I will most likely pull the entire engine and drop it off at a engine shop (they did work to my brother in laws turbo 15f engine and it turned out well). I figure the crank should be inspected since it needs engine work & has about 130 hours on it.

    It is a 2004, so it has the large seat. Can I change it to the dual seats of the 05-07 models? It looks like all I would need to buy is the u-hook (rear mount) for the front seat and locate it correctly. The reason I want to do this is so i can eventually fab up a fiberglass rear seat...

    MY 15F has some stuff done, but i am not sure what. I see the riva fre flow kit, but i need to inspect it more tonight to see what grate/plate (if any) are installed. I also need to check for the waterbox mod - but it seems a lot of people do not do that, they only install the free flow.

    As most of you are trying to do - my goal is as close to 70mph on 92 octane. Unfortunatly, that will not even be close to my brother in laws 80+ turbo setup, but good enough for now.

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    your gonna love that ski, i picked up an 08 and i grin every time i pull the trigger on it. GOBS of torque. had my girl on there and loaded with a whole bunch of stuff and still no prob. i can just imagine how it will run if you drop a low pitch solas concord in there from impros

    as far as the free flow, if you look at riva their free flow kit requires the waterbox mod also.

    go to the riva website and download the instructions (.pdf format) and see for yourself, its a bit of a pain in the A**, but since u r pulling the engine, then pulling the box will be a breeze.

    congrats on the purchase and keep me posted. i would like to see some pics of the engine removal and drop in, since i am just getting familiarized with this ski. let us know what plate/grate combo. i would like to hear some opinions. the rd grate supposedly kills some top end speed (on a stock/limited boat), but the plate can add up to 3mph ???
    i see the worx grate shows no top speed loss, maybe a rd plate/worx grate combo ?? dont know
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