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    Speed testing, GPS or spedo.....

    I have read a few post in the forum and I have noticed that some folks use GPS for getting an accurate speed. I was wondering what types you guys using? Would a garmin Rhino work??

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    I use a Garmin eTrex.

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    I sneak my wifes Garmin C550 in a double plastic bag set then wrap it in towels and put in the storage area. I m looking for top speed so I pull it out and check after runs

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    Quote Originally Posted by seaobin View Post
    I sneak my wife's Garmin C550 in a double plastic bag set, then wrap it in towels and put in the storage area.
    I'm looking for top speed so I pull it out and check after runs
    The GPS receiver must be well secured in or on the PWC.
    If it is bouncing around, it will provide false peak speed readings.

    It also wants an unobstructed view of a wide arc of the sky. If there are metal or wet items, or your body, in the way of the weak GPS radio signals, it cannot track as many of the GPS satellites, and both your position and speed reading accuracy are reduced.

    Most GPS units have a mode where you can see how many satellites it is tracking, and how strong those signals are. For best accuracy, you want at least 6 strong signals, and more is better.

    I have an external Glisson amplified GPS antenna. It plugs into the antenna connector on your GPS, and gets its (very low) power from the GPS. The weatherproof Glisson antenna module is very small in size, and light weight. Mount it on top of your hood or handlebar, and tuck the GPS itself down inside somehwhere secure.

    Now the GPS unit can be dry and secure, yet receive very clear, strong signals from the GPS satellites. Maximum accuracy, and no chance of the GPS getting whacked or soaked.

    I also mounted one on the roof of my car, and the GPS tracks much more accurately under trees and bridges, and in areas with tall buildings or hills.

    Using the Glisson amplified GPS antenna, my Garmin GPSmap76CSx typically tracks all 12 satellite signals (the most possible), usually with full signal strength on every channel.

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    I have the Lowrance iFINDER is waterproof, floats, and has a larger (and higher resolution) color screen than most. Marine mapping is real cheap, and is sold on a memory card that slips into the unit.

    Got mine on eBay....

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post

    NICE..... ive only gotten mine to say +- 9M max, when im in the middle of the water with no buildings or trees.. that antenna must help..

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