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    98 XL1200 Problems

    hello all,
    new to the forum, but been reading all the good information here for a while. hopefully u guys can help me out with some of the issues i've been having. this might be a bit long as i try to give as much helpful inof as i can, please bare with me.

    i have a 98 XL1200 that i bought new in FEB 98. ski was used very often with no issues when new. it was put away in 2002 and sat a long time (read 6years) without use while i was away for college.
    When i got back and tried to fire it up first problem it gave was in the pump. The impeller housing expanded and locked onto the impeller. i replaced the housing with a new unit from RIVA and changed the impeller to what i think is a Solas 13/19 (i can recomfirm that).
    at the same time i removed the oil injection pump and all oil lines to go premix (50:1). i took down the carbs and rebuilt them with new gaskets, small filter etc, did not touch the jets or needles. i removed the stock airbox and installed RIVA cone style FA's. also put on riva quick drain plugs (why? i don't know).
    i drained the fuel tank, changed the fuel lines and filter, put in new plugs, fresh fuel/oil and new battery. engine fired up after some good convincing, and idled well on the trailer (primer kit added to the shopping list).
    took the ski to the water for a weekend. Engine ran fine throughout the rev range. everything seemed to be going great.
    here's the bad part... late afternoon i left the ski moored off the beach for close to 4hours at the end of which i see the ski sitting really low in the water (footwells completely submerged). with some help i pulled the ski out of the water onto the beach to let the water drain out. Battery compartment was completely full (battery, waterbox all fully submerged). it was getting dark so could not tell exactly where the water reached in the engine bay. my guess is just just below the exhaust manifold.
    i desconnected the battery and removed it. left the ski high up on the beach overnight with seats removed and hood open
    next day, put back in the battery and tried to start up (probably should not have right?) well it started, however it would only idle. if i so much as looked at the throttle it would load up and die. i let the ski idle for while and tried again. went a little better cause i could throttle up a little without it dying but it would bog BIG time. put the ski back on the trailer an took it back home.
    now the only positive thing that i can say before i ask for your ideas as to what i should do next, is that i have identified the source of my water intake. at first i thought it was the quick drain plugs, but then i realized that both my sponsons were loose. turns out 2 of the four bolts that hold the sponsons on were completely rusted and broke right off leaving two 1/4in holes on either side of the hull. was actually probably a combination of both the sponson holes and the quick drain plugs.
    what should i do now? ski's been sitting in the garage for almost a month now from lack of time. i'm sure thats not helping...please

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    Have you pulled the spark plugs and hit the start button to see if water shoots out? If not, the crank bearings are probably gone by now from water sitting in the motor.

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    yes i had pulled the plugs right after the water drained. no water came shooting out the holes. don't think there was any water sitting in the did run at idle for a good hour the following day.

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    here are some pics of the broken sponson bolts and holes

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    Thats good news. It has to be a fuel problem. What does the fuel filter look like?

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    I think gpsleeper is right. After a long storage it's wise to replace the fuel line. They tend to become brittle and clog up with rubber parts from the inner fuel line. Replace them as the fuel filter as well. If it still bogs you might have a some of the stuff in your carbs. As for the holes use epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth to seal the holes in the sponsons. Do NOT use polyester resin since the hull is made of SMC and so it won't hold. Drill the holes back and apply some kind of gsaket cement to seal the holes when you place the sponsons back. As far as the engine you said that there was no watter in the engine when you fired it up with the spark plugs of, so that should be fine. When you start it up listen for any odd noises or clanking. If this is the case, you are looking at an engine rebuild. If this is the case, I recommend you they sell an complete engine rebuild kit that includes a new hot rod crank, wiseco pistons (altough I prefer Pro X, wich they can replace in the kit without any extra cost), rings, gaskets and seals for about $736. Altough I hope that isn'the case, but it's still posible. here is the link just in case good luck and let us know

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    thanks for the info guys, i ordered a new set of sponsons and nuts. do u think i should glass over the holes even with the new sponsons? or can i just be generous with the sealant

    took a look at the ski again this afternoon and,
    seems like yet another problem!!
    pulled the plugs this afternoon they did not have any sign of rust at all, i checked the electrical connections and they were all dry. fuel lines looked fine and i put in a new fuel filter.

    when i tried to turn the engine however (with plugs out) it would not turn over. i hear the starter motor running but it does not turn the flywheel. engine is not seized, i'm sure of that because i was able too push piston 2 down into the cylinder. think maybe theres something wrong with the bendix or starter motor. with the hieght of the water, starter was definitley submerged. how would i go about diagnosing this for sure. pulling the starter is quite an undertaking, cause the whole engine unit's gonna come out (through the front of the ski)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 97GPSLEEPER View Post
    Thats good news. It has to be a fuel problem. What does the fuel filter look like?
    the fuel lines and fuel filter looked fine, no contaminants and fuel filter was clean, no water (keep in mind these were all replaced with new three days before flooding)

    i put in a new fuel filter anyways just in case...

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    just be generous with the sealant! and make sure that battery is 100 percent otherwise it won't fling out the centrifugal Bendix

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    ps the starter isn't that bad if needed but you do pull the exhaust

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